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At Roof Savers, our team members are highly trained and educated in ceramic roof restoration. Our Cericade ceramic is becoming the future of roofing, and our name says it all; saving your roof is our number one priority. We provide solutions setting us apart from any other company in our industry.

Did you know shingle manufacturers intentionally oxidize and age your asphalt shingles before they’re even installed on your roof but still offer the same ” 30-year or lifetime warranty”. The term “nothing is built to last these days” couldn’t be truer when it comes to new shingles, with the average roof now only lasting approximately 15 years.

Keeping your memories safe for years to come

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Would you believe it if we said replacing your roof was only a temporary option? The average roof is now lasting 12 to 15 years, and Roof Savers has technologically advanced solutions to fortify your roof; backed by a 35-year warranty! Our team has fortified and restored roofs up to 38 years old!

Why Choose Us?

Covering the majority of Northern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Roof Savers provides innovative roofing solutions unmatched by any other company in our field. Offering complimentary roof evaluations, Roof Savers prioritizes one on one client consultation.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Our solutions are safe for people, plants, pets, and your home.

Fully Transferable Warranty

Our solutions come with a fully transferable warranty to a new owner, giving you peace of mind when you sell your home or business.

Quick Process

From start to finish, our team can typically complete your project in 1 day or less with little to no disturbance to you.

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