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Don’t replace your roof with an asphalt shingle designed to fail well before its guarantee.

We can fortify your roof, protecting it from severe weather events and provide you with 35 additional years of roof life on your asphalt or metal roof!

About Roof Savers in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Father/son team, Curt and Dan Lindstrom founded Roof Savers in 2020. Dan saw a major problem with the roofing industry and like his law enforcement role of 12 years, he wanted to help his community with a real problem.  With the decline in the manufacturing process of asphalt shingles the past 20 years, shingle manufacturers have faced class action law suits, raised material prices, added fine print, heavily pro-rated warranties and are leaving consumers with a product no longer built to last.

Roof Savers introduces a lasting solution for homeowners to preserve their asphalt or metal roofs. With Roof Savers Cericade Ceramic, your roof is shielded from various elements such as hail, wind, rain, and the sun’s UV rays, similar to a metal roof’s protection.